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Trip to Bali

2012年9月 バリに行ってきました。バリに住んで竹の建築やってみたいなー。

I went to Bali in September 2012. What if I was able to live in Bali and try to design architecture with bamboo.


I visited Green school that has huge bamboo architecture.


All the furniture are made in Bamboo. Desks, Chairs, Block board too!


Details are so interesting.  The curbed routs are selected….. and used as it is.

どれくらい長持ちするかを聞いてみた。人の寿命ぐらいもつとか。腐りにくい4年目の竹を伐採し、長い時間、薬品とともに煮沸させると、、、本当かな? もし誰かこのことを知っていたら、教えてください!

I asked how many years these bamboos last.  They said that it will last similar period as human being.  The 4 year old bamboo that tends not to rot is selected and boiled with some chemicals for long time.  Is this true?  If you know much information about this, please let me know.


Simple fabrication of bamboos.  The bamboo sticks are used as joints of bamboos.  The splited bamboos are put together as swaying beams.  They are like bamboo sword of Kendo.  It can be bent at will.


The light coming through the woven bamboo pattern has sense of softness.

私が泊まったコッテージでは、ドアの前に示す ‘Do Not Disturb’ はこれでした。シー!

The sign of ‘Do Not Disturb’ for the room of cottage that I stayed was this “Shi-“


The founder of the green school is John Hardy.  He made a presentation at TED.  It is very interesting presentation.


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