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Trip to New York 2014


I went to New York from 4th to 12th of July.


金色の玉1の音楽は鈴木晃一郎さん、金色の玉2 / 金色の玉3の音楽は高橋伸明さんが担当されました。

I exhibit my work in the gallery in New York.  My work will be exhibited from 11th of July to 3oth of August.

Koichiro Suzuki is a collaborator for the music of Golden Ball 1. Nobuaki Takahashi is for the music of Golden Ball 2 and 3.


In the process making the enclosure of the installation.  Korean artist helped me with her hard work.  Thank you so much for your help!


Translucent Corrugated cardboard.  When you get into the space, your posture will be bent and look down on my movie naturally.



I was able to use the space of my friend’s studio.  He is great artist.


This is the town house in Queens that I lived before.


Broadway Station in Queens near the house I used to live before.


I went to Sculpture Park in Queens.


There were bags designed by my friend at the show window of Calvin klein.

Jeff Koonsの展示を見てきました。風船の質感がすごい。

I went to Jeff Koons’s exhibition.  The materiality is superb.

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