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Trip to Taiwan 2


I went to Taiwan from 26th to 28th of May 2013. This time, I went to a Japanese restaulant owned by my Taiwanese friend.


It is a special restaurant for pork Shabu-Shabu. It was so delicious. Taste that cannot be found easily even in Japan!

柚’s というお店も行きました。これも私の友人のお店です。すばらしい創作料理、おいしかった!同窓会でもありました。

I also went to a restaurant named ‘Yuzu’ owned by my friend. It was superb creative dish. I met my old friends there.柚-s-yuzu-japanese-kitchen-taipei柚s-yuzu-japanese-kitchen-taipei/

台北市孔子廟 Taipei Confucius Temple

床の石のパターンが美しい。The pattern of  the floor stone is beautiful.

保安宮 Baoan Temple

保安宮の休憩場 The rest space in Baoan Temple

風化された石の床 Weathered floor stone

どれくらいここにあるのだろう。 I wonder how long this stone is stayed here.


Temporal wall for the construction of the Opera House in Taichung.  This shape must be come from that!

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