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Trip to Taiwan

2013年4月 23日~26日まで台湾に行ってきました。台湾の人たちはとても親切な方々でした。謝謝!

I went to Taiwan from 23rd to 26th of April 2013.  Taiwanese are so kind and international people.


Covered-sidewalks.  There are these type of sidewalks everywhere in Taiwan.  It protect too much sunlight and heavy rain.  It is merged well to the life of Taiwanese.


Old covered-sidewalks are maintained and tried to be re-used.


Pebble stone in Taichung.  There are numerous and various in size under the ground of the Taichung.  I would like to use this materials for my future project in Taichung.


Taipei 101 is the famous architecture as symbol of Taiwan.  It expresses the beauty of Chinese well.


“Ruyi” accents the facade of the tower.  It is a curved decorative object that is a ceremonial scepter in Chinese Buddhism and It is the tool that you can  do according to your wishes.

Din Tai Fungの小龍包 好吃

Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung Delicious

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