Mad Monk Bar

Mad Monk Bar 竣工しました!

Mad Monk Bar

2019年11月, 東京

内装工事面積 117.4㎡(厨房15.8㎡)

2019 November, Tokyo Gross Area 117.4㎡ (Kitchen 15.8㎡)

世界を旅し酒を愛した済公。臨済宗の僧でありながら戒律を守らず、風狂で知られる彼はMad Monkと呼ばれ、人々に愛された。そんな済公を敬愛する施主から設計依頼を受けたのは歴史ある人形町のビル地下一階。「世界中の酒と旅人が集まる社交場にしたい」という施主の思いが詰まった空間。




Ji Gong was a Monk of Rinzai sect who loved travel around and alcohol. He was serving God but not obeying the precepts, known for his madness, he was called Mad Monk and was loved by people. The design request was made by the owner who loves Ji Gong.

The shelves are supported by bottles of Japanese sake, and their faint lights emitted from the inside of the bottles illuminates the world’s sake. Ichiro’s malt and Jack Daniel are friends on the same shelf. It’s like a knowledgeable high priest shares a cheerful table with strangers on the street.

The designer was in charge from design to construction.By making it a glossy black wall, it reflects the sight and gives out mysterious continuity. The timeless atmosphere is created by giving a sense of tension to the luxury box-shaped sofa and chandelier synchronized with the sharp lines on the shelves. It is an experimental play at this bar to chemically react the conflicting worlds of tradition and advance, order and freedom to express Ji Gong ‘s way of life.

There is no metal joint. Just bottles that are stuck in the shelves. Lighting fixtures are embedded in the shelves (thickness 18mm) to light from below. There are many beautiful things and fun things around us. Ingenuity is the key. The Japanese Sake bottles support the world’s liquors as shelf structure.