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SONGDO Library International Competition





図書館「渦」はConsideration, Undulation, Communicationという活動の度合いが異なる三つの流れ(Stream)が絡み合い「探求Exploration」という大きな渦の柱を形成している。


我々が追求するのはmultipurposeではなくbeyond the purpose。



Fish keep on swimming for the whole of their lives.

Three fish came in search of food. As they swirled in all directions, they came across a number of streams presented themselves. The streams converged, swelled and formed a great vortex.

Park spiraled up

The feature concept of this facility is the interlacing of three parks with different personalities personified as individual fish in search of learning, converging from three diverse environments in a pool of knowledge which trace an upwardly lifting spiral, extending to the sky. The sky is a symbolic of the infinite possibilities of human beings. The way it spirals and stretches toward the heavens expresses the power of intellectual exploration by human beings that continue to swim in the ocean of life like a fish.

In this library “Vortex”, three streams of varying activity namely Consideration, Undulation, and Communication, are spiraled upwards to form a pivotal vortex called “Exploration”.

Any empty space can provide a venue for any function, but how can it satisfy people?

We pursue beyond the purpose, not multipurpose.

Not only can users achieve their respective purposes, but they can also be intrigued and stimulated to take more satisfaction than expected. Vortex realizes IFLA’s “access and opportunity for all”.

The stairs that twist up are also bookshelves, benches, planter boxes, and more. They are also a semi-private observatory where everyone can relax. They can also be used for temporary events such as setting up a small stall tent or be used as a performance space. They can be freely changed to a place for relaxation and activity. When a person takes an action, it can create a small current that in turn grows to a stream and a swell.


2021年3月, インチョン, 韓国


11階鉄骨造, 延床面積 8,239㎡

SONGDO Library

2021 March, Inchon, South Korea

International Competition

11 stories, Steel structure, Gross Area 8,239qm