Partners – Tomoo Nitta

新田知生 建築家、映像作家、オリニギリ隊員1号
1971 年生まれ。九州芸術工科大学、アメリカのロードアイランド芸術学校にて学び、坂茂建築設計を経て2014 年2 月に向日葵設計を設立。公共建築からプロダクトデザインまで様々な空間を一枚の紙からデザインする。目指すのは無駄のない日本の美を基調としながら文化と文化、人と人がつながるデザイン。コンセプチュアルな映像も手掛け世界に向けてメッセージを発信する。2016 年、作家・コンセプターの杉浦愛子と結婚を機にProject AICHI を発足。衣食住をデザインする向日葵設計として更に活動の場を広げている。

Tomoo Nitta- Architect, Video Artist, ORINIGIRI MEMBER 001
He was born in 1971. He studied at Kyusyu Institute of Design (Kyusyu University at Present), Rhode Island School of Design and worked at Shigeru Ban Architects. In February 2014, he established Himawari Design, there he’ s started to design varieties of space on Public Architecture as far as Product Design based on the study using one sheet of paper. He is obsessed with the design which connects culture and culture, people and people based on the simplicity of Japanese beauty. He also sends his message to the world through his conceptual videos. Since he married Aiko Sugiura, a writer and a concept designer in 2016, he’ s set up Project AICHI with her. Their activity of Himawari Design is getting bigger and wider day by day.

新田知生 建筑家、电影评论作家、“折纸饭团”队员1号