Cultural- Nanjing Historical Building Renovation Project

南京第2工作機械工場28号館 文化的創造的改修プロジェクト 歴史的建造物の活性化,南京

2021年8月,イベントスペース・図書館・図書カフェ・レストラン,延床 3,477㎡




Nanjing Historical Building Renovation Project

2021 August. Event Space, Library, Book Cafe, Restaurant. Gross Area 3,477 spm

International Open Competition, 1st Place

I proposed overlapping a cultural zone where workshops and lectures can be held and a zone where you can quietly read books. A restaurant/cafe on the 1st floor → a reading space on the 2nd and 3rd floor → a hall with a stage that can be used for various purposes such as lectures and workshops on the top floor + a restaurant are connected in a spiral flow line.

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